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Paymaster Check Writer History

Paymaster Corporation started manufacturing Paymaster check writer also referred to as check protector, check printer, check machine, and check signer.

The Paymaster check imprinter machine was commonly used for payroll to imprint the amount to protect against check fraud and check alteration.

The following Paymaster manual check writers are imprinted with ink:

  • Paymaster x550
  • Paymaster s-1000
  • Paymaster x2000
  • Paymaster 700

Later on Paymaster Corp manufactured several ribbon writer models to include:

  • Paymaster 7000 with keyboard
  • Paymaster 8000 ribbon writer
  • Paymaster 875 – combination check writer and/or check signer

There are two check signer only machine used to sign checks. The Paymaster 825A which is a manual check signer & Paymaster 825E (electric model) to sign software written computer payroll check as well as traditional handwritten or type written check.

All these models mentioned were manufactured in the USA and were discontinued in the 1990’s. Paymaster Technologies brought in a new generation of check writer & check signer models which are Paymaster 8500 check writer, Paymaster 8025 check signer and Paymaster 9000 check writer including 9000-8, 9000-9, 9000-10, 9000-11, 9000-12, and 9016.

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