Paymaster Check Writer: An Additional Check Security Method

//Paymaster Check Writer: An Additional Check Security Method

Paymaster Check Writer: An Additional Check Security Method

Writing checks and ensuring their consistency and validity is significant to any banking and business industry that releases check for payment purposes. There has been a modern debate regarding the effect of check writer machine and the benefits of using a computerized check printing system. People fear that the use of check writer will affect modern check printing software and the benefits of the software will not be utilized as a result. This article will discuss the advantages of using check writer in addition to a computerized printer and how Paymaster’s check writer can even strengthen your check security.


The Virtue of Using Check Writer Machine

A check writer machine is a device that automatically signs a check by orienting it into paper. More banks, collection agencies, wholesalers, merchants, institutions and other organizations, are now preferring check writers because the devices have been proven to provide precise, clear, and quality output. However, a growing number of businesses use a software product like Quicken to manage their personal & business finances so people often question if the use of a check writer eliminates the benefits of computerized check printing. The answer is palpable. Check writer machines can be an adjunct to the use of printing software without eliminating the full benefits of using the software. In fact, these two technical tools can be used together. Printing software calculates accounts payable and sends it to a printer to print the check. A check writer machine can then be used to imprint the written amount to match the numerical value calculated by the computer. Because check printers are equipped with a mechanism to avoid fraudulent and suspicious checks, your checks are more secured.
The use of both check writers and printing software proves to be convenient for businesses but the entire securing process does not end there. As you may know, writing checks is a two-step process. The second step involves protection of the check using the Paymaster’s Check writer to imprint the written amount. The amount is printed using a pure dye-based ink that matches the amount in the box. Additional check writing security can be instituted using invoice comparisons for reinforced check security. This mechanism also prevents the written amount from further alteration, securing your check and your business. This is a more economical and more secure way, rather than dealing with costly data entry errors.

Check Writer

Paymaster’s Glimpse of the Future

As an added security feature of Paymaster Check writer, your institution can order a customized sliding prefix company name plate that matches the company’s name in the upper left side of the check. The aesthetic exterior of the plate is not the only value Paymaster can give. It also delivers a much more profound meaning to protection against forgery and check fraud. Thousands have confirmed the impact a check writer machine has had on building more professional business names imprinted on each check, while aesthetically gratifying and guaranteeing ultimate security. Without a check writer machine, safe and professional check printing will not be as secure.
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