Classic Model 8000 Check Writer

/Classic Model 8000 Check Writer

Classic Model 8000 Check Writer

(Our Best Seller) “Great” 8-Column Manual CheckWriter & Protector

Features :
– “REGISTERED” optional perforation through payee’s name
– Type Style is a modern italic type with bold raise-proof figures
– IMPRESSION of amount is easily read (helps prevent alteration)
– One-key locked protection (prevents unauthorized use)
– Self-Reversing Black/Red Ribbon (eliminates messy re-inking)
– Accommodates business size checks with multi-copies


– 8 Columns Imprint Amounts
Up to $999,999.99

– New Black/Red Ribbon Installed

– Long-Lasting, Self-Reversing,
Easy to Install Ribbon
Prints Hundreds of Checks Before Replacing

– Original Factory Paint
Colors Will Vary (Minimal Cosmetic Wear)

Perforates REGISTERED Through Payee’s Name
to Prevent Alteration of Name

– Has Lock with Key Protection


Ships UPS Ground with Tracking Number

NEW: 2 year Warranty (Call for Availability & Pricing)

RECONDITIONED: 1 year Warranty (Call for Availability & Pricing)

Call for More Information 1-800-844-9726