Electronic Check Writer PC-16

/Electronic Check Writer PC-16

Electronic Check Writer PC-16


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1. Easy-to operate check writer will print up to 11 digits, plus symbols on business and personal checks. (Imprint of Company Name Not Available)
2. Several International Currencies Available:

  • $
  • USD
  • US$
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • SFR
  • CA$
  • CHF
  • DKK
  • Costa Rica Colon Symbol
  • PTS
  • UK Pound Sterling Symbol
  • Venezuela Bolivar Symbol
  • Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Symbol & Japanese Yen Symbol
  • SKR
  • LYD

Currency Symbols for North America & more…
Call Our Checkwriter Specialist Direct at 1-800-844-9726

Currency Symbols for Central America (Manual in Spanish) & more.
Call Our Checkwriter Specialist Direct at 1-800-844-9726

3. Checks enclosed for: US$ and CA$
4. Clear embossed numbers and special ink make it difficult to alter or falsify.
5. Number of checks issued and total amount can be stored in memory.
6. Same amount can be printed out repeatedly
7. Position for typing on the check can be adjusted.
8. Backspace key for incorrectly entered figures
9. Power source: AC110V (220V special order), 50/60 Hz
10. Power consumption: 3.5W (20W when printing)
11. Dimensions: 245 X 185 X 105 mm
12. Net Weight: 2.2kg

IN Stock – new and Re-Conditioned models
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