Key Features of the “My Check Writer” Software

  • Create and print personal checks, business checks and deposit slips
  • Customize checks with fonts, graphics, company logo and signature
  • Seamlessly integrates with Quicken, Quickbooks and Microsoft Money
  • Keep control of your personal and business finances
  • Create checks and deposit slips for any number of accounts and banks
  • Store information for multiple banks
  • Accepted by most banks in U.S. & Canada
  • Easy-to-use design wizard
  • Preview your custom layout
  • Personal wallet, standard business and voucher business checks included
  • Get started quickly. Select a pre-designed check style or create your own. Type in your account and bank information.
  • Customize your checks. Easily add your digital signature and personal graphics or company logo to checks. Customize account and bank information with 400 additional fonts.
  • Print checks from your laser printer. Your check layout is seamlessly integrated with your financial software, so you can print customized checks in one easy step.

Check Protection Software – PAYstation® 3000

Protects computer-generated checks.


  • Resides on your PC and, in conjunction with the existing accounting software, controls the writing and signing of your checks.
  • Supports any brand of dot matrix printer capable of Epson, Fujitsu, Microline or Canon emulation mode.
  • Supports any brand of laser printer capable of utilizing Hewlett Packard Print Control Language (HP PCL), allowing the use of the latest laser printer technology.
  • Multiple versions available to utilize MS-DOS 6.2 or any Windows operating systems, including 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP.
  • Network compatibility—Novell, NT/2000, OS/2, peer to peer, etc.
  • Exclusive font image discourages alteration and fraud.
  • Unique serial number prevents exchanging secured information between other copies.
  • Separate amount limit for each signature.
  • Voids checks written over each form’s check amount.
  • Anti-tampering system protects against intrusion.

Certified and Tested Accounting Software:

If your software does not appear in this list, please contact us.
PAYstation® has been tested with many software packages, and new entries are added regularly.

Avantage Progression 8.0
Accpac 4.1
Business Vision 32
Business Vision 2000 (16 bit)
Business Works 12.1
Dynacom Accounting
Easy Pay 1.51B
Great Plains Dynamics
Jonas for Windows
Macola Progression Series 7.3
Microsoft Money 2000
M.S.I. Municipal
M.Y.O.B. v. 6 and 9
MSI Municipal
Peachtree v. 3.5 and 6
Quickbooks Pro v.4.5 and 9
Quickbooks Pro 2000-2002
Quicken v. 5, 6, 98, 99 delux
Quicken 2001-2002
SBT Pro Series
Settler’s Gold
Simply Accounting v. 4, 6, 7, and 9
Vision Point
Visual Fox Pro 6
Visual Manufacturing
Win Ledge
WolfePak Financial
Yardi Property Management v. 3

PAYstation® 4000
Protects computer-generated and manual checks.


  • Keyed security system
  • Multi-format check writing access codes
  • Write protect checks from LAN or WAN
  • UNIX™, Novell®, AS/400™ compatible
  • Exclusive font image discourages alteration and fraud
  • Separate signature limit for each signature
  • Voids checks written over each form’s check amount
  • Sign only function
  • Anti-tampering system protects against intrusion

PAYstation® 5000 MICR Check Printing Software

Prints your Checks at a fraction of the cost of pre-printed checks on blank DNA Check Security paper eliminating the threat of stolen pre-printed company checks.


  • Prints your corporate logo, name, address, banking information, amount, signature(s) and MICR encoding in the format required to accommodate your present check issuing software system.
  • Easy installation, configuration, and use. An experienced software user can install the application, complete the configuration, and test print checks in 15 minutes (for most check forms).
  • Secure, effective and affordable for all size businesses.
  • Multi-account/company check writing options. The software supports eight combinations of corporate names, logos, or signing options. Each corporate registration allows check issuing in dual currencies, eliminating the need for separate check stock for each bank account.
  • Exclusive reversed font image specifically designed to securely prevent the risk of amount alteration. This anti-tampering feature discourages the most determined counterfeiter. The font image can be adapted to your country’s currency.
  • Password control of authorization codes control who can print or sign checks, and for what amount. All signatures are encrypted and can only be used while operating the PAYstation 5000 MICR Check Printing Software. Encrypted signatures authenticate the signing of checks, and access codes activate the signatures.
  • Compatible with Windows operating systems 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP Network compatibility—Novell, NT/2000. Requires a laser printer and MICR cartridge.
  • The high level of security of PAYstation 5000 allows us to include a one-year Certificate of Guarantee against forgery and check alteration.


  • Check Printing Software
  • Certificate of Guarantee*
  • 1,000 Sheets of DNA Check Security Paper
  • Risk Assessment and Management Program
  • Technical Support, Software License, & Software Upgrades

*Certificate of Guarantee renewable after one year.

Additional Options:

  • Digitally Encrypted Signature
  • Same Location Software
  • Corporate Name or Logo
  • 1,000 DNA Check Security Paper

PAYstation® 5000 MICR Check Printer by Kyocera®

Prints your Checks at a fraction of the cost of pre-printed checks on blank DNA Check Security paper eliminating the threat of stolen pre-printed company checks.


  • This 14 ppm 1200 x 1200 dpi printer is sold ONLY with the PAYstation® 5000 MICR Check Printing Software.
  • For our customers who want a seamless, bundled solution, this is a reliable and affordable printer of quality designed to work in conjunction with the PAYstation® 5000 MICR Check Printing Software.
  • With a maximum monthly duty cycle of 25,000 pages, the Kyocera FS-1714M guarantees the printing of high quality, secure checks, which meet the requirements of the American Bankers Association (ABA), Canadian Bankers Association (CBA), and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • TonerFuse®: locks toner into the paper and helps prevent character or number removal by scraping or tape pulling without damaging the paper surface.
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • Can be installed on any IBM® compatible computer with an available parallel or serial port.

PAYstation® 5000 DNA Registered Security Check Stock

The ultimate in check protection when printed by means of the
PAYstation® 5000 Software System.


  • Security in the paper:
    • DNA Covert Marking: The exclusive DNA (D. Decodable—N. Numerical—A. Authentication) covert marking provides an innovative and powerful fraud deterrent. Visible only under ultraviolet light, the covert marking is an important investigative tool to determine, in most cases, the type and source of fraud.
    • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers: The invisible fluorescent fibers, also visible only under ultraviolet light, cannot be photocopied or scanned by a counterfeiter. An absence of fibers signals a forgery.
    • DocuCheck® ImpedeTM Security Paper + LineMark®: DocuCheck® Impede™ security features include new LineMark™. This unique feature is a patented paper machine marking system. Alteration of paper fibers creates the appearance of lines in the paper, which optically change from light to dark.
  • Security on the paper:
    • Micro Lines: The micro lines are printed in the left and right borderlines. The feature is covert and useful to authenticate an original.
    • Printed Description: The printed description on the back of the Check describes all the security features in the check.
    • Warning Bands: The warning bands on the top and bottom of the Check inform a potential counterfeiter that the document is protected.
    • The warning notices on the bands are fraud and counterfeit deterrents.
    • Available in four colors: blue, tan, green and burgundy.

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